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China helps build street lamps to light Botswana town

Datetime: 2019-06-01 19:29:57    Views: 86

China"s 31 solar street handover ceremony was held on the evening of 24 in Botswana"s capital city of Gaborone, and the Chinese ambassador to Botswana Zhao Yanbo and local officials and people attended the handover ceremony.

Twenty-one of the solar street lamps were built in a block of Katrin District, and ten in the stadium of Mochudi Town, Katrin District, to facilitate local people"s sports activities at night.

Mford Morolo, chairman of the Botswana District Committee, said that China is a friend and brother of the sun. These solar street lamps can make life easier for people here.

Zhao Yanbo said that since the establishment of diplomatic relations, China has provided various forms of assistance to Botswana. One of its important goals is to raise the living standard of the local people. China is willing to continue to help Botswana"s social and economic development, deepen cooperation between the two countries and improve local people"s livelihood.